Intellectual Property Law Board Certification

Certifications are issues within a jurisdiction by the Bar Association, or the governing body responsible for licensing attorneys, in said jurisdiction. Board certifications exist to give recognition to an attorney’s experience and specialized knowledge in a specific area of law, considering their professionalism and practical ethics as well in the decision-making process.

As a part of the inaugural group of Florida Bar lawyers to become board-certified in the area of intellectual property law, I am particularly suited to counsel in the areas of patent law, trademark law and copyright law. As a sitting member of the Florida Bar Intellectual Property Certification Committee, the body responsible for vetting applicants and issuing board certifications, I have unique insight into the practice of intellectual property law and can easily identify the most appropriate paths to success in any situation.

Given that not all qualified lawyers receive a certification, I have grown to be extremely proud of my board-certified status. On a recent trip to Wyoming, I proudly flew the Florida Bar’s Board Certification flag once I summitted the Grand Teton after traversing the treacherous North Ridge route. In a show of support and pride, my board-certified colleagues were inspired to carry the same flag to various locations around the world.